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Growing Company Eliminates Paper, Aligns Manufacturing and Sales, and Gives Salesforce Mobile Access to Accounts and Performance

Business Situation

A manufacturing company was struggling to prepare their Sales, Inventory, and P&L reports to give employees timely access to critical enterprise data. Each month, the CFO spent several days manually preparing a variety of paper reports. Data for the reports came from multiple source systems, forcing the CFO to use Excel and complex formulas to manually join all data into a format suitable for reporting. At the end of the process, the Excel report file was too large to email, so the CFO printed out all the reports and pinned them to his office walls. Monthly performance meetings had to be held in his office so employees could review the physical reports hanging on the walls. Decisions were made using last month’s data, and salespeople had no information about their sales commissions until year end.


We reviewed each of the company’s source systems and developed a master data model that allowed us to systematically connect data points across the enterprise. Using Power BI, we established an automated process for importing and connecting source system data into a data model supporting all the company’s reporting needs.

Our work enabled the company to do almost real-time reporting from previously disconnected systems. In addition, they now interact with their enterprise data as a single, cohesive reporting environment.


Today, the CFO’s office walls are clear of reports and only display art. Reports are updated several times per day and are available for viewing on monitors hung in the leadership office as well as on employee’s laptops and mobile phones. Employees have the information they need when they need it and are able to take action immediately. For example, sales reps can see sales from the previous day and their commissions on those sales. Monthly performance meetings have been replaced with daily discussions. With near real-time access to integrated data, the company identified and resolved a previously unknown operational issue that more than paid for the whole project within the first week. Having access to data has fundamentally improved how this company operates.

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