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Global Partner Management Team Eliminates 100% of Temporary Staff and Saves Over $750,000 per Year

Business Situation

Over the course of several years, this group of 15 finance professionals had grown to include multiple ‘temporary’ staff positions. The temporary staff manually produced monthly financial and operational reports customized for each of the company’s external partners. The data in each report was assembled for each partner by manually querying source systems and pasting the results into Excel reports. Since each report was unique, the need for additional staff to produce reports grew as the number of partners grew. There were no economies of scale, and the cost of reporting was rapidly increasing. Also, since every step in the process of producing the reports was manual, the error rate for the reports was high.

The group asked 425 Consulting Group to help them accelerate their partner reporting processes and reduce the cost of temporary staff.


After a thorough review of the existing reporting, we engineered a single standard partner report that would fulfill the data needs of all partners. We then built automated SQL queries to gather and populate the data daily. From there, we developed individual partner reports using Power BI and Excel. Within these tools, row-level security ensured that partners we only able to see their own information


After 3 months, the team was able to terminate the contracts of all temporary staff that had been manually producing partner reports for years. Today, the partner reports are managed by a single full-time employee who monitors and reviews the reports 3-4 hours a week. As a result of our work, the group was able to save over $750,000 per year in temporary staffing costs while producing higher quality reports.

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