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Professional Services Firm Expands Service Offering with Needle BI

Business Situation

A professional services company with several clients in a single industry wanted to expand their knowledge and expertise of the industry to better advise their existing clients and attract new ones. They had tried for several years to develop a complicated spreadsheet that consolidated all their client information, but complicated formulas made it fragile and prone to errors. A working solution evaded them for years.


Needle BI

We introduced the company to 425’s Needle BI. Needle BI is solution built upon Microsoft technologies and is used to collect client data quickly, simply, and securely. Client data is mapped to a standard format and validated before loading it to a secure Microsoft Azure data warehouse where it is aggregated and available for analysis using Microsoft Power BI. The entire solution is built in the cloud so there is no software installation required.


The professional services firm is now able to collect, aggregate, analyze, and share impactful reports using Needle BI. These dashboards give the firm and their clients insights into their results by allowing them to compare their operations with anonymous peer data. The firm can confidently advise their clients regarding specific actions they can take to ‘move the Needle’ based upon objective data.

Needle BI can be offered as an additional free benefit to existing clients or as a new, value-added service. Also, firms can attract new clients by either using the potential new client’s own data or anonymous aggregated data from Needle BI to present a professional set of reports showcasing the firm’s expertise.

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