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Large Real Estate Organization Radically Increases Speed and Access to Data, Improves Accuracy and Makes Data-Driven Decisions

Business Situation

A large real estate organization suffered from limited access to its operational data. Because the data resided in a dozen disparate source systems, reports were compiled only quarterly and required a two week lead time for the reporting team. The only reports produced were highly summarized, so detailed analysis, if performed, was labor intensive and required additional days or even weeks. As a result, decisions were often based on incomplete or outdated information. Additionally, data quality was suspect because there was no method for systematic audits.

The organization’s leadership asked 425 Consulting Group to review the reporting environment and engineer a new reporting solution that would provide accurate, timely, meaningful data to drive business decisions.


Our examination of their systems and processes revealed a fundamental flaw: the organization managed each of its source systems as an independent silo of information without regard to the overall enterprise needs. As a result, each source system had its own master data coding and reporting rules. This made it nearly impossible to identify related information across systems.

With a clear understanding of the problem, we began working with the client to define a common set of master data elements to be used enterprise-wide. Using SQL Master Data Services, we enforced the use of these elements across all source systems.

As the source systems aligned with the common master data model, we developed a centralized data warehouse on Microsoft Azure. We automated processes to update source system data into the central warehouse several times per day. With an integrated and accurate data warehouse now established, we used Power BI to develop standard reports and dashboards and Excel to enable ad hoc analysis.


At the end of the project, the real estate organization was able to see up-to-date and consolidated information several times per day with absolutely no manual intervention. Analysis is done with the click of a button on their Power BI based reports. Data issues that were hidden in the past are now clearly visible and quickly corrected because of the newly established data quality program. Leadership is now able to make timely, data driven decisions with confidence.

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