StoneFabBI What's Included?


StoneFabBI was developed to provide fabricators with a reporting and analytics extension to your existing ERP software application. Data is modeled and presented in ways that are not available in the native application, providing insight into your business that would take hours of manual effort to assemble. Built using Microsoft technology, data is stored securely in the Azure Cloud and reports are presented to users via a web browser.

With an active subscription, you will have access to all reports and features that are available in the product. Simply open a web browser, log into the service, and you’re there!

First Release

The initial release of StoneFabBI will include reports and dashboards that are focused on sales, revenue and order remake activity.

Sales & Revenue

  • Sales activity
  • Customer performance
  • Invoiced revenue & margins
  • Product performance

Order Remake Activity

  • “Remake Score” assignment
  • Score trends
  • Remake analysis by cause and department
  • Service order analysis

Future Roadmap

StoneFabBI will continue to evolve, bringing you new content and features that add value to your subscription and help drive better business decisions.

New Reports (planned 2022 releases)

  • Operations reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Comparison to industry metrics
  • Enhanced mobile-friendly formats

Other Planned Features

  • Artificial Intelligence that provides deeper
    analysis through natural text language
  • Ability to pull other disparate data into
    your model (like budgets & targets)
  • Enhanced roll-based security
  • Establish a StoneFabBI advisory group
    to help drive product enhancements

StoneFabBI Fee Schedule


Fees for StoneFabBI include a one-time onboarding fee and a monthly subscription. Costs are based on annual invoiced revenue as shown in the schedule below.

What’s My Onboarding Fee For?

The onboarding fee covers the setup of your company’s database, your users, data extraction and loads, data review, and testing the reports. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure a smooth onboarding experience that includes data validation and user training.

What’s Included In My Monthly Subscription Fee?

Your monthly subscription covers more than just access to reports. You will also receive customer support, secure data storage in the Microsoft Azure cloud and all future product updates at no additional cost.

StoneFabBI Fee Schedule

Annual Invoiced

Onboarding Fee



Additional Users per
User per Month

Tier 1 - Less than $6M





Tier 2 - $6M to $12M





Tier 3 - Greater than $12M





Annual invoiced revenue will be derived from your actual data. Tier levels and associated costs will be reviewed and adjusted annually.

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